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On Board Air Conditioning Pressure Switch

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The main applicable models of this air-conditioning pressure switch are as follows: Dongfeng, peugeot, 307, 206, 207, 308, 408, 508, 3008, 2008, 301, 308S, 4008, 5008, Citroen, Sega, C2, Senna, Picasso, C4L C4 Sega C6 C3-XR Elysee New Elysee Beverly C5 C5 Tianyi Fengshen A9 AX7 AX4 AX3 A60 L60 A30 S30 H30.The above complaints all refer to applicable models, not any product brands.

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1: A variety of appearances are available

2: Product parameters act according to user requirements

3: Easy to install, plug and play, convenient and quick

4: Responsive, timely on-off

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Knowledge About Automotive Air-Conditioning Pressure Switches

The automobile air-conditioning pressure switch detects the pressure of the air-conditioning pipeline, and then transmits the pressure signal to the air-conditioning control system to protect the air-conditioning compressor and the pipeline! The air conditioner can work normally only when the pressure signal is within the normal range!Air-conditioning pressure switches usually have three wires, one is 12v. The other two are a high-pressure switch and a normal pressure switch.When the pressure is too high, the electromagnetic clutch of the compressor will be disconnected. When the pressure on the high-pressure side is higher than a certain value, the high-pressure switch will be opened to allow the fan to rotate at a high speed, without damaging the system due to high pressure.The compressor will not work when the pressure is lower than a certain value, so that the compressor will not be damaged.

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