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Wall-hung boiler gas furnace air pressure switch

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The air pressure switch uses the static pressure of the gas to push the micro switch to realize the on and off of the current.The air pressure switch has a fine-tuning function. When adjusting, the switch point of the air pressure switch can be changed by changing the pressure of the spring.Under normal circumstances, the sampling of the air pressure switch is performed with a negative pressure probe, and the sampling equipment is installed in the negative pressure area of the powerful exhaust cylinder.The sampling hole of the sampler is an inclined circular tube, which forms an angle with the wind direction. When the wind direction changes, its pressure value will change with the change of the wind direction.


The air pressure switch is a detection element, which is generally used in machinery that requires wind pressure, such as pneumatic presses, pneumatic shears, gas water heaters, gas boilers, gas stoves, wall-hung boilers and other electrical products that use gas. Use the static pressure of the gas to push the micro switch to realize the on and off of the current.


Model AX-002 Micro Switch (Homemade Action Movie) Stainless steel
Installation size 48mm Micro switch (contact) compound contact
Working temperature -25~+85℃ diaphragm Fumed silicone rubber
working medium air  cover PC
Relative humidity 85% Max bottom cover PC
Max working pressure 1000pa Mount Electrolytic plate
Test Conditions Ambient temperature 20±2℃/relative humidity 50-80% Rated working gas pressure ≤-100pa
atmospheric pressure 86-106kpa Rated workload 0.1A125VAC/30VDC 3A 125VAC/30VDC
Scope of use Gas appliances, wall-hung boiler products    

General parameter table (can be customized)

26/18 40/25 45/25 60/40 64/51 65/35 65/40
70/45 70/50 75/50 75/55 80/68 87/72 100/72
105/72 105/90 120/95 140/110 150/130 191/167  

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