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massage chair pressure sensor

According to big data, health care products such as blood glucose meters, blood pressure meters, massage chairs, etc. are very popular in the Spring Festival gifts every year. People are paying more and more attention to health.For example, massage chairs, a product of the combination of ancient Chinese civilization and modern human science and technology, are increasingly entering the families of ordinary people.Like a professional massage therapist, the smart massage chair can accurately determine the user’s height and foot length, and then intelligently find the acupoints that need to be massaged, and automatically combine massage actions to meet different needs.The massage chair uses the mechanical rolling force and the mechanical force to squeeze to massage, and can dredge the meridians through manual massage.Massage can not only make blood circulation smooth, improve back pain and prevent diseases, but also improve sleep quality, relieve fatigue, improve posture and exercise a healthy body.As an important means of data acquisition, sensor measurement builds a bridge between massage chairs and users.Sensors are like the facial features of a masseuse, and the application of sensor technology plays an important role in the realization of intelligent massage functions in massage chairs.The mechanical squeezing force that simulates human finger massage in the massage chair is generated when the air pump inflates the airbag, and the process of circulating inflation is monitored by the massage chair pressure sensor.

Generally, the pressure of the air pump is between 30Kpa and 70Kpa, and the length of the inflation duration determines the size of the airbag pressure.The longer the time, the higher the air bag pressure. The greater the pressure of the airbag, the greater the force during massage.Therefore, the size of the force during massage can be controlled by the measurement of the pressure of the airbag by the pressure sensor to control the length of the inflation time.

The pressure sensor used in massage chairs is a device or device that can sense pressure signals and convert the pressure signals into usable output electrical signals according to certain rules.Pressure sensors are usually composed of pressure sensitive elements and signal processing units.According to different test pressure types, pressure sensors can be divided into gauge pressure sensors, differential pressure sensors and absolute pressure sensors. These sensors are used in different home appliances and become an indispensable and important sensor element!


Post time: May-05-2022