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How Many Types Of Applications Are There For Pressure Switches?

There are three main types of pressure switches: mechanical, electronic and flameproof.

Mechanical type. Mechanical pressure switch is mainly used for the action of dynamic switch caused by pure mechanical deformation. When the pressure of KSC mechanical differential pressure switch increases, different sensing pressure components (diaphragm, bellows and piston) will deform and move upward. Finally, the microswitch at the top will be started through mechanical structures such as railing spring to output the electrical signal.

Electronic type. This pressure switch has many advantages. First, it has a built-in precision pressure sensor to amplify the pressure signal through a high-precision instrument amplifier, and then it collects and processes data through a high-speed MCU. Generally, it uses a 4-bit led to display the pressure in real time, the relay signal is output, and the upper and lower control points can be set freely, with small hysteresis, anti vibration, fast response, stability, reliability and high precision (the accuracy is generally 0.5% F.S, up to ± 0.2096f. S) The purpose is to effectively protect the repeated action caused by pressure fluctuation by using the return difference setting, and protect the control equipment. It is a high-precision equipment for detecting pressure and liquid level signals and realizing pressure and liquid level monitoring and control. It is characterized by intuitive electronic display screen, high precision and long service life. It is convenient to set control points through the display screen, but the relative price is high and power supply is required This type is very popular before.

Explosion proof type. The pressure switch can be divided into explosion-proof type and explosion-proof type. The service grade range is KFT explosion-proof pressure switch (3 pieces) Exd II CTL ~ T6 imported flameproof pressure switches need to pass UL, CSA, CE and other international certification. They can be used in explosive areas and strong corrosive atmosphere. They can also provide products with different pressure, differential pressure, vacuum and temperature ranges. Common applications include electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, boiler, petroleum, environmental protection equipment, food machinery and other industries

The three types of pressure switches (pressure sensors) are widely used and can often be noticed in our life.


Post time: Sep-08-2021
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