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Application of Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor in Electronic Fuel Injection System

In modern engines, the engine control module measures or calculates air flow through an air flow sensor or an intake manifold pressure sensor.The intake manifold absolute pressure sensor is used in the D-type EFI gasoline injection system. It is an important part of the D-type gasoline injection system and is equivalent to the air flow sensor in the L-type EFI gasoline injection system.

The function of the intake manifold absolute pressure sensor is to detect the change of the pressure in the intake manifold according to the load condition of the engine, and convert it into an electrical signal and input it into the ECU together with the speed signal, as the basis for the basic fuel injection control and ignition control of the engine.The intake manifold absolute pressure (or intake pipe pressure for short) sensor is installed in the engine cab, and some models are installed in the engine ECU control box, but the models installed on the intake manifold have more angle sensors.

There are many models that use an intake pressure sensor to measure the intake air volume of the engine, and there are many types of pressure sensors.The intake pressure sensor can be divided into two types: voltage type and frequency type according to the principle of signal generation.The voltage type has a semiconductor varistor type, and the bellows all use a semiconductor varistor type pressure sensor.

Post time: Aug-05-2022
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