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Advantages of constant pressure water supply pressure sensor

Why do many people support electric contact pressure gauges for constant pressure water supply and do not support pressure transmitters?There is a misunderstanding. It’s not that it doesn’t support it, it’s more suitable!The constant pressure water supply pressure transmitter is an intelligent type with various functions and high measurement accuracy.

For electric contact pressure gauges, it can also set the pressure range.Because an electric contact pressure gauge has static contacts and moving contacts, it can send an alarm signal to the upper and lower limits. In the signal range, this alarm signal is only a switch signal, not a digital signal.

In the whole relay control system, the electric contact pressure gauge is equivalent to a simple detection transmitter, which sends the upper limit signal or lower limit signal of the detection to other electrical receiving devices of signals, such as relays, and then the relay sends a signal to the contactor to make it work. The actuator works or stops, so the frequency of action of the device in the entire control is high.

If the inverter is used, it also accepts the digital input of the electric contact pressure gauge, and then processes the data through the data acquisition device of the inverter, and then sends the processed signal to the on-site actuator through the high-speed data channel to control the start and stop of the equipment.

For switching quantities, the frequency converter basically works at a fixed frequency.When the pressure value of the electric contact pressure gauge is higher than the upper limit, the inverter will respond after receiving the digital input signal, and send a signal to stop the actuator. In response, a signal is sent to make the actuator work.For analog signal input, the transmitter can change the frequency according to the analog input signal.If the pressure value is too high, the actuator can run slower and run faster. In this case, as long as the preset value is set, the pressure of the constant pressure water supply system can be adjusted well.

So it is not that the pressure transmitter does not support the application of constant pressure water supply system, but it is more suitable.The use of electric contact pressure gauges can only play a control role in the entire control system, either starting or stopping.The use of pressure transmitters can not only play a control role but also play a regulating role in the entire control system.

Post time: Jul-16-2022
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